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We designed this classic, oak-framed kitchen to be a modern, warm,  space where the family can eat, drink and socialise.

Beautiful solid oak creates a warm ambience with various shades of cream, burnt umber, sand and chocolate throughout the room. The large glazed doors and fantastic roof light ensure the kitchen is always light and bright and really brings out the grain and patina of the wood.

A moveable oak island sits at the heart of the space providing generous storage as well as an additional work surface and space to eat or display objects. Having a mobile island means the family has the option to rearrange, open up or redesign their living space easily to suit their needs.

Humble and subtly designed, this room is stunning. Fine craftsmanship is everywhere you look while hard-wearing, quality finishings such as solid metal drawer and cupboard handles compliment the quality of the woodwork.  

Step through into the living area next door and we have fitted bespoke, hand-built cupboards throughout the room and a full wall, floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Intelligent design makes the most of the space available, offering a huge amount of storage without encroaching into the living space.

Simple finishes and solid surfaces provide a quality, lasting look that will age well and look beautiful for years to come.

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