The design process can be challenging and to help explore the finer points of your project we utilise powerful visualisation software to model every detail of your project clearly, accurately and in colour.


Ensuring minimal ambiguity between your dream and the final installation, allowing you to rest assured that you will get exactly what you expect. 


Presenting ideas the traditional way


Handmade furniture is the highest quality furniture manufacturing technique. As well as offering versatility in design and incredible beauty, the use of time proven techniques to joint furniture together creates vastly stronger pieces than it's mass manufactured counterpart.

Traditionally handmade cabinets often boast biscuit jointed carcases, solid wood doors and frames, fitted with sturdy butt hinges and proper wood screws throughout.


Not forgetting solid hardwood drawers, finger-jointed or dovetailed. All of which are clear signs of traditional joinery. The use of traditional joinery techniques is essential when trying to ensure longevity within your home.